For those of you feeling adventurous, try our avant-garde inspired flavors.

"CRACKLE JAX" (cupcake only)- Carmel cake, Bavarian cream, Carmel popcorn drudged in Carmel.

"THE KRUSTY"(cupcake only)- Vanilla cake accompanied by bite size glazed donut pieces, finished in a sweet glaze with sprinkles.

"NOT YO MAMAS GRILLED CHEESE" (cupcake only)- Apple Cinnamon swirl cake topped with creamy brie cheese and saucy BBQ pulled pork.

"AHOY DOE BOY"-Chocolate chip cake filled with a creamy Bavarian and cookie dough morsel's.

"THE MISS PIGGY" -French Vanilla cake, maple mousse embodied with crispy bacon and Carmel.

"THE HEATH LEDGER" - Velvety Chocolate cake, French Bavarian cream with crunchy heath bar.

"BROWN BEAR BROWN BEAR"....what do you see...I see chocolate cake and espresso chip filliiing.

"THE ONE NIGHT STAND" - Red velvet cake, cheesecake mousse with luxurious cheesecake pieces.

"TOOTSIE"(also known as our strawberry shortcake) - A mellow Strawberry cake, strawberry mousse with fresh strawberry pieces drizzled in a white chocolate with graham cracker crumbles.

"MR. MARCUS AKA THE MAR-QUI-QUI" - Swirled marble cake filled a Bavarian cream gilded in snickers and Carmel.

"THE SINATRA" - French vanilla cake with a classic vanilla bean filling.

"THE BART" - Devilish chocolate cake filled with a rich Butterfinger filling.

"HOLA PINA" -French vanilla cake silky Bavarian cream blended with marshmallow pieces and bite size Rice Krispy treats.

Get creative and blend together your own funky flavor!

Maybe we will add it to our list.