For those of you feeling adventurous, try our avant-garde inspired flavors.

"CRACKLE JAX" (cupcake only)- Carmel cake, Bavarian cream, Carmel popcorn drudged in Carmel.

"THE KRUSTY"(cupcake only)- Vanilla cake accompanied by bite size glazed donut pieces, finished in a sweet glaze with sprinkles.

"NOT YO MAMAS GRILLED CHEESE" (cupcake only)- Apple Cinnamon swirl cake topped with creamy brie cheese and saucy BBQ pulled pork.

"AHOY DOE BOY"-Chocolate chip cake filled with a creamy Bavarian and cookie dough morsel's.

"THE MISS PIGGY" -French Vanilla cake, maple mousse embodied with crispy bacon and Carmel.

"THE HEATH LEDGER" - Velvety Chocolate cake, French Bavarian cream with crunchy heath bar.

"BROWN BEAR BROWN BEAR"....what do you see...I see chocolate cake and espresso chip filliiing.

"THE ONE NIGHT STAND" - Red velvet cake, cheesecake mousse with luxurious cheesecake pieces.

"TOOTSIE"(also known as our strawberry shortcake) - A mellow Strawberry cake, strawberry mousse with fresh strawberry pieces drizzled in a white chocolate with graham cracker crumbles.

"MR. MARCUS AKA THE MAR-QUI-QUI" - Swirled marble cake filled a Bavarian cream gilded in snickers and Carmel.

"THE SINATRA" - French vanilla cake with a classic vanilla bean filling.

"THE BART" - Devilish chocolate cake filled with a rich Butterfinger filling.

"ITS THE GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN" - White spice cake with a satin pumpkin mousse.

"CASANOVA"....Tell me you love me... -Deep chocolate cake embedded in a layer of chewy brownie adorned with a thin blanket of butter toffee and milk chocolate.

"HALL&OATS" - Baked apple spiced cake with a cinnamon sugar mousse and apple pie crumbles.

"HOLA PINA" -French vanilla cake silky Bavarian cream blended with marshmallow pieces and bite size Rice Krispy treats.

"THE PB&J OTTER" -Traditional white cake with along with a layered peanut butter mousse and jelly.

Get creative and blend together your own funky flavor.